Zuckerberg under Fire regarding Trump's controversial post over Floyd !!!

After the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has announced to have no plans to take enforcement actions against the controversial post by the US president Donald Trump following George Floyd's killing by a white officer.

The Facebook staffs have been greatly disappointed and gravely concerned after the post has not been removed from Facebook. They also said that the post has no place on Facebook. In excess of 6 employees of Facebook have come up to their Twitter handles condemning the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's decision. They have stated on Twitter that, Mark is wrong, doing nothing is unacceptable and many more.

After a white Minneapolis police officer has killed George Floyd, an unarmed black man by kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, Violent protests have been erupting in the cities across US over last few days.

Trump has also made a Twitter post about looting and shooting which has been interpreted as a threat by the president to the protestors.

Lat week the CEO of Twitter has taken full responsibility of the decision of hiding the same post for glorifying violence.

However, Zukerberg has been struggling on how to react to the president's post and though he disagrees with the president's post, he has decided to let it stay as people need to know about what the politicians are saying.

The employees of Facebook have come up to their social media handles and they are really disappointed with Zuckerberg's decision.  Some employees don't feel proud about the company's decision, some completely disagree with the CEO's decision, Some think that the post shoult be removed, Some respect twitter's decision, some think that the company's leadership is wrong, and some from the black community are feeling pain due to the decision made by Zuckerberg.

Trump and Zuckerberg have also been in a phone conversation after the riots broke out and both of them have considered the conversation to be productive. However the general public as well as the Facebook employees have been completely disheartened by the decision made by Zuckerberg.