Xiaomi preparing for 6G in Asia !!!

5G phones have just started to go mainstream beginning from this year. However, Xiaomi has laready made an announcement about their beginning of pre-research into the next generation of mobile connectivity, said Lei Jun, Xiaomi's co-founder and chairman Lei Jun.

This is not the first mentioning as Jun had already mentioned 6G before. Entrepreneurs had prepared four proposal's for China's next 5 year plan, during China's annual legislative meetings held in May, known as the Two Sessions. 

Satellite internet is being made a strategic industry by one of them which will also include private companies, which possibly would be a step towards the development of 6G communications. Jun had later clarified in a statement that, Xiaomi had no plans of launching the satellite itself.

However, On Sunday, Jun told the local media that for 6G, devices that will be able to support the base stations and satellites behind the new wireless standard will be required.

With no set standards of defining it, the concept of 6G still remains a vague. 6G is still being a buzzword among the Chinese tech firms. Other companies that have been looking for 6G have also signed an agreement in May for conducting the research of 6G together. The companies are China Telecoms, China's three state owned telecom carriers and the telecom equipment maker, ZTE.

Also Ren Zhengfei, the maker of both Oppo and Huawei smartphones have signaled their interest in the tech. China is the first country to start researches on 6G as it started the researches in 2018.