Worst Decline in Smartphone Sales !!!

The sales of smartphones has declined by about 20 per cent globally within the first three months of 2020. As per the release by Gartner, a research firm on Monday, the sales of Smartphones have decreased all over the world due to the corona virus pandemic.

The decline in the smartphone sales is possibly a result of the less expenditure of the consumers on the non essential products. It could also be the result of the economic uncertainty brought by the Pandemic.

As indicated by the senior research analyst at Gartner, the global smartphone market has experienced the worst decline ever because of the corona virus Pandemic.

The Apple company along with other leading Chinese Manufacturers have been severely impacted by the temporary closures of the Chinese Mobile Factories and the reduction in the number of consumers due to the global Pandemic.

Researchers have said that, the Companies like Xiaomi and Vivo have somehow managed to remain flat or show growth which could possibly be the result of strong sales in India, where some of these phones had been released before the lockdown started.

Other top smartphone vendors in the world including Huawei, Apple and Samsung have also recorded a first quarter sales drop. However, Samsung has managed to hold onto it's No. 1 spot in the market. The company has successfully managed to prevent a steeper decline as a result of it's limited presence in China.

The research firm, Gartner has also forecasted last week that the shipments of the devices including mobile phones, Tablets and PCs will decline by 13.6% globally in the year 2020 due to the corona virus pandemic. As predicted by Gartner, the shipments of mobile phones alone will be dropped by 14.6% in 2020 as the costumers are likely to extend the life of their phones for the reduction of their nonessential expenditures.