World's Cutest Dog Breeds !!

Some of the cutest dog breeds:

Lagotto Romagnolo

Usually referred to as Logotto,the Logotto Romagnolo is amongst  the oldest and rarest breeds as only 500 loggoto's are registered in the US. With  thick, dense, and curly waterproof hair of white, gray, golden or dark brown colour, these breeds are small to medium sized and sharp sensed and are additionally intelligent, loyal and loving. However, these breeds are not recommended for apartment living as they need a lot of exercise.

The Coton de Tulear

This breed got its start on the island of Madagascar more than three centuries ago and is one of the cutest and rarest breed. Due to their cottony white fluffy coat, they were named Coton de and Tulear due to the place of it's origination. As, Coton’s love to snuggle, they are considered as lap dogs.  With cute puppy-like personalities, they are obedient, easy to train and entertaining.
They love to play and are slow to get angry. Except to warn you of visitors, Cotons don't bark much and get along well with cats, childrens and other pets.



Originally used for sheep herding, Puli came from Hungary over 1,000 years ago.  This breed is known for its unique outer coat resembling dreadlocks, made of cord-like hair that grows after puppyhood. With a medium and solid frame, They can be in black, gray and white colors.Their outer and undercoat can be cut short or they need a lot of maintenance. Though, very energetic and of strong temperament, they are affectionate, smart, and quick learners that makes them wonderful watchdogs and family guardians. 


Portuguese Water Dog

This breed has a long history of working for the fishermen's in Portugal to deliver messages between fishing boats, get fish together into nets, and diving to get equipment from the water. This breed is a medium sized former White House resident. As they are affectionate, loyal and easy to train, it is joy to be around them. They are friendly towards strangers, other dogs and playful with a love of children. These breeds thrives on swimming, giving pleasure, and looking after the family.

Bearded Collie

Also known as Beardie, the Bearded Collie is amongst the oldest Britain breeds popular in Scotland, mostly used for herding. They can be of various colors between white to black with a shaggy long coat, needing brushing everyday.  Due to their high spirited, and carefree disposition that goes well with children and other pets, they are often referred to as having the “Beardie Bounce”. These medium sized breeds are obedient, trainable and playful.