When Nairobi Spoke Telugu!

Alba Flores, a notable Spanish on-screen character that has won millions of hearts for her character, Nairobi from the popular Spanish Netflix series, Money Heist has been in trend as her old video has recently gone viral. She has been in a lead role in the Spanish series, Money Heist since 2017 and beautifully portrayed the character of Nairobi in it. In the old video clip from a movie that has recently turned into a web sensation, Flores is seen speaking in Telugu language. Fans have gone insane seeing the fluency of the actor while speaking an Indian-origin language.

The video is from a 2013 movie, Vincente Ferrer, and was shot close Antarpur, Andhra Pradesh. In the movie, Flores is playing the character of a teacher that is attempting to educate the women of Anantapur. She ahowed up in the movie as a Telugu women, Shamira wearing a saree with braided hair.

The movie Vincente Ferrer is about an Indian man that choses to fight poverty  and embarks on a journey to transform the infertile land on India’s dry and dusty village, Anantpur to a fertile land. He struggles to change the barren land into a productive landscape with assistance from the residents.

In one of the scenes from the show, Flores (Nairobi) is seen fluently speaking Telugu and interacting with local individuals. As a character in the movie, she tries to bring light to the issues amongst the local people and translates Spanish to Telugu and Vice versa.

People on Internet have been sharing her pictures from the movie and most of them are having a hard time in believing that she is the same person that was seen by them in the Netflix Spanish series, money heist.

Her fans can't quit applauding her adaptability. The majority of her Indian fans have been praising her for speaking an Indian regional language with such fluency. It’s really hard to accept that she is the same person that potrayed the character, Nairobi in Money Heist and her versatility is really praisable.