University exams to be conducted before Dashain !!

The Universities in Nepal have stated that the suspended examinations will be conducted before Dashain even through alternative means. The vice-chancellors have said that the examination will be conducted using online or other means including traditional ones if possible.

They informed that if the corona virus infection decreases or gets under control, the examination will be conducted through other alternative methods including online examinations.

The chancellors are doing their homework for conducting the examination within September by alternative methods. In a virtual discussion held by the National Youth Council on Monday, the vice-chancellors said that the academic session would be ruined if they could not conduct classes and examinations through alternative means. They emphasized the need to take alternative measures into consideration for the continuation of the student's education.

Vice-Chancellor Dharmakanta Banskota said that the Tribhuvan University, which has the largest number of students, has put forward a plan to conduct examinations from four models.

As the situation had eased since the first week of July, they had told that the exams would be conducted in August. But, as the situation deteriorated, they had to postpone the exam.

The vice chancellor has said that the examination will be conducted through either online, internal assessment, open book or traditional method as per the situation. 

T.U has suggested the students to come in contact with the campus and the department to advance the educational activities including the online classes and examination through alternative means.

Currently, there are 415,482 students studying in T.U. 77 percent of the total students of Nepal in Higher Education Level study in T.U. Vice-Chancellor Banskota complained that conducting examinations and online class is very difficult due to the large number of students.

T.U had been conducting online classes since April. So far, email IDs have been distributed to 145,000 students, 16,000 teacher and staffs. Also, 4,500 teachers have been given training by T.U regarding the virtual classrooms.

Kathmandu University and Other Universities have also been conducting online classes and examinations, and are also preparing to take exams online or by other methods. The chancellors believe that there would be no loss in the academic session of the students if the examination could be conducted before Dashain

Minister for Education, Giriraj Mani Pokharel has also instructed the universities to publish the academic calendar within a week and find ways not to waste the academic session.

 As conducting classes and examinations with traditional methods is not possible due to the risk of corona virus infection, he has suggested the universities to find an alternative way.

He has been monitoring the situation across the country regarding the effectiveness of alternative classes at school level and has suggested to conduct this year's academic session through alternative methods.