Universal Medical College to continue the treatment of Corona Infected people for a fee !!!

Due to the pandemic situation caused by the corona virus, different national and international services have been closed. The lockdown caused by the corona virus has closed different organizations, and even the hospitals have been closed. 


Hospitals have not been ready to co ordinate with the government and provide services to the corona virus infected people. Even the doctor's and other hospital staffs are under fear of the corona virus and some are not ready to even just go to the hospital.


At such a time, the Universal Medical College, Bhairahawa Hospital has said continue its regular services to treat corona infected people for a fee. The Ministry of Social Development of the state government had earlier directed the medical college to allocate a certain number of beds for the treatment of corona infections.


The medical college has said that it is ready to treat the infected ones with more than 100 beds and four ventilators. Tej KC, head of administration of the medical college, said that the beds have been arranged separately from fever clinic to surgery.


KC said that a separate 30 bed emergency isolation room with 3 bed ventilators, 3 emergency surgery rooms and a 30 bed waiting room have been arranged for the corona suspects.


Sushil Gurung, public relations officer of the medical college, said that an eight bed ICU room with two ventilators has been set up for the critically ill patients. He also said that two isolation wards of 50 beds have been set up for the infected ones.


Gurung claims that there is no possibility of obstruction and spread of the infection in the treatment of other patients as the suspected ones and the infected ones will be kept separately.


Khuma Aryal, managing director of the medical college, said that as the corona infection rate is increasing, the treatment of corona infected is being started with the institutional responsibility.