UK public don't trust Government no more regarding coronavirus !!!

In the recent weeks, the trust of public in the UK government regarding the accurate information about the corona virus has collapsed.  This is expected to create difficulties in maintaining the lockdown in the UK.

According to the recent surveys, less than half of the people in UK now have trusts over the Westminster government to provide correct infomations about the pandemic. In the course of past 6 weeks, the trust over the government by the people has drastically dropped.

This loss of trust will bring an obstacle for Downing Street political operations that has voiced the belief of reaching the public directly without going through established media outlets. It is risky because the ministers will gradually start to relax the lockdown rules and ask the citizens to use the common sense for the minimization of a second wave infection risk.

The UK politicians and government is now seen as a source of concern over misleading and false information more than any other source of information. Before this,  the public had already been losing faith in the Boris Johnson's government's provided information.

Also the signs of people returning to the pre-pandemic political behaviour has been witnessed. A notable fall has been witnessed in the fall of public trust in the corona virus coverage by the media driven by voters identified as rightwing. Spaces for conspiracy theories has been increased after the fall of levels of trust in individual politicians.

These drops of trusts by the public in all the government, media and individual politicians sources are very significant and large. Also, this seems much dramatic compared to the smaller changes in other institutions and the trust in the ordinary people.

However, the researches have recently came to a conclusion that the the British public are still overwhelmingly believing the information that are being provided to them by the scientists and other health officials.