UK Government to invite NEC and Samsung to participate in 5G !!!

The Government of UK in the 5G technology trials wants to invite NEC and Samsung  for participations as it seeks to provide a more diverse pool of equipment suppliers which possibly would allow the operators to  entirely ditch Huawei.


All the 4 major operator's in UK are Huawei Customer's that oppose any kind of bans on the grounds that it would increase prices and decrease competition.

In January, the government, after a delayed review of the market, confirmed that operators will be allowed to use Huawei's kit in the radio layer of 5G networks, subject to a cap of 35% but not in the core layer.

As no operator's planned to use Huawei for core technology, this effectively maintains the status quo. However, the situations have once more changed due to wider geopolitical tensions. 

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Council) is involved in reviewing the impacts of new imposed sanctions on Huawei by the US while Tory party MPs demand an outright ban of Huawei out of concerns on China's handling of the corona virus pandemic.

It has been suggested that by 2023, the operator's could be forced for removing all the Huawei kit's. 

However, it is privately acknowledged this is not possible without serious disruption to communication infrastructure of UK. 

Huawei single handedly accounts for roughly a third of all 4G antennas in the UK.

In the 5G radio space, Ericsson and Nokia compete with Huawei, however, their ability to fill the void entirely is doubtful, while the operators would have competition concerns.

The government officials have spoken with the Japan's NEC regarding the possibility of it to enter the market in the UK. 

The company would be invited to participate in a trial program funded by DMCS 'Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s' the latest being £200 million 5G test scheme, called '5G create'. The government also wants to involve Samsung in this.