Trump to use military against looter's ???

Recently, President Trump has employed a phrase coined in 1967 by a Miami police chief, threatening the looters in Minneapolis to use the military against them after the protests in his city over the department.

Friday's, post midnight tweet by Trump has drawn widespread attention from almost across the political spectrum from Joe Biden to the far right quasi militia Oath Keepers. Trump said in a tweet that he won't let the THUGS dishonor the memory of George Floyd.

After the President's controversial tweet, Twitter has added a notice to the tweet that the tweet violated the rules of Twitter about Glorifying violence. However, in order to read the post, users can click through the notice as twitter may have determined that it may be in the public's interest for the tweet to be accessible.

Originated in 1967, the phrase about looting and shooting was used by Walter Headley, a Miami Police officer in 1967 after the protests over police treatment of minorities went violent. The protests had started following a incident where a black teenager was dangled from a bridge over the river by the officers.

Trump later on Friday tweeted an intended clarification saying that his statements about looting and shooting and the warning was not meant to be a statement but a fact.