Things to do during lockdown?

As we know we get bore staying at home doing nothing just playing games watching TV etc, during lockdown. Watching TV, playing games, etc are harmful to you both physically and mentally. What can we do beside playing games? So here are something you can do during lockdown to entertain yourself. 

1.Try cooking new dishes.
   Learning to cook is very essential in your life it can be needed anywhere at anytime. So why not learn to cooking new new dishes by looking at youtube pr learning from parents. If you go to foreign after 12th the cooking is essential to survive. 

2.Try to explore the world.
  Where we are living is a vast world. We cannot visit all countries in our one life thats impossible so try to explore through internet. Try google to search the beautiful places. 

3.Earn money online
  Money is happiness. The one and only thing that runs the whole world thats money. So why not try to earn money through online. There are various ways to earn money through online like youtube, blogging, online investment, online games bit. But always to legal things try to earn money using legal ways like youtube and blogging. You can earn money not more but which you can use as your pocket money.

4.Learn different language using youtube or google
  Communication is  needed to make friends, money, etc. So if you met a person who dont know Nepali or English then how can you communicate with each others. So try learning new language which can help you in future.