The release of PlayStation 5 postponed by Sony.

Sony has quickly postponed the PlayStation 5, because of everything going on in the world right now. Sony does not wants a marketing disaster for something as big as PlayStation 5. The current situation of the world right now is volatile enough for the people in the world for the PlayStation 5 to get ignored.

This is time for everyone to get united. Humanity should have it's time, not capitalism, and Sony perfectly understands that. Recently, Sony has shifted the reveal date for the PlayStation 5 games. The shift is possibly for the best, as thee's no any proper measures for consolidating the loss of anyone.

The best thing we can hope for as a gaming country right now is that people limit violence to the Video games. The real world is burning also not as dreamy as in PS%. However, that is where the importance of playing games lies, to get rid of all the neagativity.

Sony has made an official Twitter post that briefly announced the postponement of the event. Now, the digital event remains undetermined however, it was set for June 4 before.

The maker's to the worldwide fanbase said that, they do not feel that, this is the right time for celebration.

Amidst all this chaos, nothing seems to matter anymore which Sony has decided to lead with PS5 as an example. Sony's gesture to show that humans came before business, and the words that were used in the postponement tweet were strong enough to invoke varied emotions from individuals of every age.

As of now, the country, US stands on the brink of imbalance. We can do nothing but just stay united and together. There are no possible words  that can explain the situation with any justice, which is why the best way to show solidarity are actions and gestures, instead of words, which is exactly what Sony is doing.