Selena Gomez passed her driving test after 20 attempts !!!

When it comes to driving, some celebrities  just don't want to get bothered and some insist on sitting behind the wheels of the most exotic and luxurious cars that they can afford.

However, the music sensation Selena Gomez has admitted to taking the driver's test for at least 20 times before actually passing the test. She then, regretted about how she hadn't managed to get a driving license still.

She finally pursued the online course and actual driving test at California DMV. However, passing the test would be difficult. To be accurate, it too her 19 times before she finally passed the driving test and got her driving license.

For her to prove her ability in the driver's seat was challenging. However, she was ready to try and attempt for as many times as necessary.

It was challenging for her to get the driving license and she even used to joke back then about how much time would it take for her to finally get a driving license. As it is believed, Practice makes Perfect, failing for so many times must have been a contributing factor in making her a confident driver.

Selena Gomez, now has her license and she is often seen behind wheels. She has the vehicles including BMW, Mini Cooper, Porsche, and  Vespa Buddy 125 in her Celebrity Garage.