Schools to re-open in Wuhan !!!

China's Wuhan state, from where the corona virus infection had started and was also hit very hard by the Corona virus, will be resuming teaching from Tuesday. As per the Chinese authorities, all the schools and kindergartens will be reopened from on Tuesday.


Education will be started in the 2,842 schools in Wuhan, according to the local media. As the virus spread, about 1.4 million students in Wuhan were deprived of schooling. The Wuhan University has been open since Friday.


Although the school is being reopened as soon as the virus is brought under control, officials have instructed for the implementation of necessary safety protocols. They have also been ordered to stock up on disease control equipment and to carry out training sessions and drills and prepare for possible new outbreaks. 


They have been ordered not to hold unnecessary gatherings or conferences and to take all the necessary security measures into consideration. All the students have been advised to wear masks to and from school and to also avoid the means of public transportation if possible. However, the uninformed foreign students and teachers have been barred from going to the school.


The corona virus killed 3,869 people in Wuhan. It accounts for more than 80 percent of all deaths from the virus in China. Wuhan, which has returned to normal since last April. No new cases of corona virus have been found since then.


Wuhan, the central Chinese city, from where the COVID-19 is believed to have been originated from, was under lock down for more than two months, beginning from late January. The city's death toll reached to 3,869 which accounts for more than 80% of China's total death.


Wuhan has steadily been returning to normal since April. After the lockdown was lifted, there has not been  any new local transmissions of the corona virus since May 18.