Salary without work for Government officer's !!!!

Prohibition order's and various strictures imposed since the corona virus epidemic has affected all walks of life. Moreover, the situation of the private sector is becoming more and more critical.


However, there are Nepalese who have not been affected by this crisis or basically are benefiting from it. When talking about the ones that have been benefiting, a section of government employees comes first.


Apart from those deployed on the frontline to fight Corona, other government employees are in high spirits at the moment. A large number of employees are earning just by living at home.


When it comes to such employees, government teachers and workers of educational institutions are considered to be the luckiest. Currently, there are about 150,000 government teachers across the country. There are 120,000 teachers at the secondary level, 25 at the lower secondary level and 19,000 at the secondary level. Most of them have been leisurely since the 11th of Chaitra. As the schools, campuses are not open, they are spending their days using mobile phones at home.


The private school teacher's are teaching students through virtual medium, but the government school teachers don't have that burden either. Some schools and a few teachers have taken online classes for students in major cities and places with access to the Internet. All the others are celebrating the lockdown with confidence.


The government has not deducted a single rupee from the salaries of these teachers even though no work has been done. However, private school teachers have not been paid even after working. The number of teachers working in private schools up to class 10 is around 150,000 and the number of other employees is around 50,000.


Private school operators have been demanding for permissions to collect fees from the students.Teachers working in private schools have also protested against the government for ensuring their salaries. However, the government has not yet addressed their demands.