Residents of UK not allowed to travel to GREECE !!

On many people’s summer holiday destinations,Greece might be high on the list but dreaming of getting away the country for Britons will currently not be possible.

On Friday, a list of 29 countries released by Athens deemed to fit an epidemiological profile that makes travelling relatively safe, had excluded UK from the list.

People from the European countries that have been successful in keeping the corona virus infection rates and casualties low like Greece will be allowed to fly in from the 15th of June. Fewer than 3,000 corona virus cases have been confirmed with the death toll reaching to 175 in Greece.
The tourism ministry announced that People from the 29 listed countries will be allowed to fly from mid June into either Thessaloniki or Athens in the north of the country. Also the residents from Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea will also be allowed to visit.
Visitors from the listed countries should go through sample testing before entering the country. And, the current regulations will continue to exist for the people from other countries. However, the list is under constant review and probably will be expanded by the time direct international air links gets restored with islands and other mainland destinations on July 1st.

Greek officials have been disheartened by the UK's handling of the pandemic. They are hoping that they will be able to list UK on the new list by then.