Relatives allowed to participate in the funeral of Covid-19 deceased person !!!

The Biratnagar High Court has issued an order allowing the relatives of the corona virus deceased person to participate in the funeral rites if they wish.


Hearing a writ petition filed by the daughter of Sitaram Dahal of Biratnagar who died due to corona infection, a bench of Chief Justice Til Prasad Shrestha and Judge Prem Raj Karki have announced that it is the right of the relatives to attend the funeral of the deceased one in case they wish to do so.


An interim order issued by the court on Monday said that in case of death of an infected person during the process of treatment, the relatives have the right to attend the funeral. The court has issued an order to the relatives of the deceased one to follow the safety measures while attending the funeral.


Till date, Nepal Army has been conducting the funeral of the person that loses life due to corona infection. Family members and relatives have not been allowed to be involved in the management of the funeral of the deceased ones.


After the death of Sitaram Dahal, a 57 year old man from Biratnagar-3 who was undergoing treatment at Covid-19 Hospital from Biratnagar-3, on the 12th of July, his daughter Nilima has filed a writ petition against eight bodies including the state government, Biratnagar Metropolitan City and Koshi Hospital for not properly monitoring the home isolation, not giving information about the treatment process and for not letting the family participate in the death rites.


The High Court has ordered to not deprive anyone for the treatment for corona infection and also to make corona prevention, control and treatment process more effective, and has also asked the hospital to give a complete schedule of the treatment process from the time of hospitalization to the time of death within seven days.


The court also ordered the establishment of a new mechanism and information system for providing necessary treatment services to the ones in home isolation with up-to-date information on their health status and records of the consultation by the physicians.