Private School Teacher's : No salary since Poush !! 400+ expelled !!

August 16, Kathmandu. Pushparaj Karna, a teacher at Mahendra Vidyashram Boarding School in Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur, has been unemployed since last July. He who had been teaching mathematics at the secondary level, has not taken voluntary leave. 


He was facing difficulties in managing his household expenses. He received a letter of expulsion after his salary being withheld for four months. He has 4 member's in his family that are dependent on his salary.


Karna says that the school has not paid the full salary even after being fired. He said that he got only Rs 27,000 out of Rs 152,000 which he has already worked for.


This pain of Karna, a teacher at Mahendra Vidyashram, is just one example. After the government imposed lockdown, 18 teacher's lost jobs in Bhaktapur, 12 in Lalitpur and 30 in Kathmandu.


According to the Institutional School Teachers Union (ISTU), more than 400 teachers have been expelled across the country, including 60 in the Kathmandu Valley. Ninety percent of private schools have not paid salaries to teachers since Baishak.


The teacher's had never thought the school would expel them on such a small pretext, Covid-19 has just been an excuse. The corona virus pandemic has become a quick and good excuse for school administrators to fire the school teachers and staff without paying their salaries.


According to an online survey conducted by ISTU on the impact of lockdown on teachers and staff, 90 percent of schools have not paid salaries to the teacher's. A survey has also shown that 60 percent of teachers and staff have not been paid before Chaitra. Most of them have not been paid since Poush.


Other problems like not schools not giving appointment letter's, not sending money to the social security fund, paying salaries to the teacher's based on number of periods without following laws, firing teacher's on small pretext's are some of the problems created by schools with an excuse of the corona virus. As per the law, teacher's should be paid on monthly basis.