Private Businesses in Nepal to not follow the LOCKDOWN !!!

Nepal has been under lockdown from the 24th of March. Now, by the time the lockdown ends, June14, Nepal will have been under lockdown for 82 days. The professional organizations that represent the private businesses in Nepal has asked the government jointly to change the modality of the lockdown. 

They said that they will not accept the existing modality of lockdown if it continues for longer time, arguing that the current modality of the lockdown imposed to control the corona virus outbreak had crippled the national economy of Nepal.

The private businesses have urged the high level committee on corona virus control for changing the modality of the lockdown as soon as possible as the lockdown could leave thousands of workers starving that rely on the businesses. They have also asked the high level committee to gradually relax the restrictions,

The leader's of the Federation of the Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Confederation of Nepalese Industries and Nepal Chamber of Commerce On Tuesday, in a meeting with the committee asked the concerned minister's for making the measures of lockdown a bit flexible along with adopting necessary safety measures.

In addition to that, the transport entrepreneurs have also demanded the government for allowing the operation of the public vehicles. However, the Representatives of the Federation of Contractor's have said that they could only be able to resume the halted construction projects if they get some incentives from the government.

The deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Ishwar Pokhrel, also the high committee leader in response to the entrepreneurs' suggestions assured that, the government before reaching the conclusions would definitely discuss the suggestions further.