Principal gets beaten up by students after giving low marks in SEE !!

The SEE examinations scheduled to be conducted few months earlier had been cancelled after the government did not come up with any other possible solutions. After that, the schools were said to evaluate the students on internal basis. However, the students were not much satisfied with the internal evaluations, as they believe that the schools evaluated them carelessly without being fair.


Followed by this, On Sunday, a group of Community school Students from Sindhuli have beaten up a teacher and the Principal of the school after getting lower marks in the SEE result. Netra Bahadur Sunuwar, the principal of the school, Ganesh Mavi situated in the Sunkoshi Gaonpalika 7 of Sindhuli and  Chitra Bahadur Bhandari, a english teacher from the same school have been beaten up by the students. The students of the school have said that the result was bad and they were given low marks in SEE.


Jhalak Dahal, a teacher from the same school have said that the students beat the principal and the teacher as they believed that they would be deprived of the higher educations due to the low marks given by the teacher and Principal.


Three students had been seen approaching the principal's office, they fit the principal in the face and then hit the other teacher. The Principal after getting beaten up has serious injuries in the face. His nose had been bleeding due to injuries,and also his lips have been cut off due to the punches on his face. The other teacher has injuries and bruises in the body. They are expected to take a few days to be fine.


The teacher's had convinced them that they could get higher education with C Grade, except for Science, but the student's beat the Teacher without listening to them. The school authorities have already informed the Area Police Office, Khurkot about this incident.