Neymar betrayed Nike ??!! Signed contracts with Puma ??!!

Recently, a reputed French Journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi has confirmed in a Twitter post that, Brazilian star Neymar will be ending his contracts with Nike and switching his allegiances in the upcoming days. The Brazilian Football star will join Puma and will end his partnership with the American company, Nike.

As per other reports from Brazil, Neymar is turning his back on Nike, the company he has been with as a  young boy. Now, based on the reports he will be joining Puma. 

With a sum of 700 million euros, The sports brand Puma has managed to make contracts and put their name to the City Football Group associated clubs. However, the club is not stopping here at all.

Neymar has almost been confirmed to join Puma. The German company, Puma has continuously been doing its efforts to get more attention and has also redoubled its commitment with the possibility of signing Neymar.

The PSG superstar will break contracts with Nike on Tuesday. He has been in contracts with Nike, before being a professional player since the age of 13. Additionally, Neymar also did not attended the recent advertising campaigns for Nike.

PSG has gained a lot of benefits from Nike, tuning to 70 million euros per year. All thanks to the arrival of the Barcelona player Neymar for a world record fee. However, Nike is losing steams in Europe and will only have PSG, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Galatasaray, Tottenham and Barcelona under their wing from next year.

The American Company, Nike had also supplied the club with sports equipment during the early starring role of Neymar at Santos. Now, Nike will significantly be impacted by the departure of the Brazilians from their ranks. This loss of Neymar will undoubtedly be a absolute hard blow for PSG and also for Nike.