Nepalese allowed to have Private Plane !!!

A new aviation policy will soon be introduced by the government of Nepal. The new policy will allow private individuals and companies to own and operate private aircrafts. The National Aviation Policy, 2063 had no such provisions.

The draft of the new policy has recently been finalized by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. Now the stakeholder's will review the policy after which it will be officially endorsed and implemented.

Single engine aircraft will allowed to be bought by private individuals and firms for both personal and training  uses as per the Ministry's draft. Terms and conditions for such uses will be set by a regulatory body. Additionally, the aircraft once registered for individual purposes will not be allowed to operate for commercial purposes.

The security conditions for these aircraft will also be as same as the security conditions for the commercial aircraft. Similarly, this policy will put an end to the old policy which stated that aircraft up to 15 years old can be imported. Now, only the aircraft with not more than 12 years of age can be imported.

Additionally, the airline companies will be allowed to operate the flights only after it owns at least three aircrafts.

The International Civil Organization and the European Union have been putting pressure on Nepal for the formation of a independent probe commission for the investigation of aircraft crash incidents. The Ministry's Policy has also proposed the formation of such independent commission for the improvement of the safety measures..

This policy will promote the civil aviation sector with the participation of the private sector which will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

This policy is highly expected to make the civil aviation sector more reliable, secured, competitive, affordable and systematic.

The new policy states that the human resources needed will be produced from within the country through collaborations with private sector's.