Nepal uses Plasma Therapy Technology for the treatment of Covid-19 !!

The corona virus originated from the Wuhan city of China has now spread all over the world and has been a pandemic. There has yet not been any kind of vaccination or medicine that can successfully cure the disease. 

Different countries in the world have been engaged in numerous attempts for the creation of a cure for the virus. Some countries have been successful in treating the virus whereas other's have been unable to contain it and are seriously impacted by the virus.

So far, 23,809,068 people have been infected by the virus, 817,005 deaths have been reported and 16,358,236 have successfully recovered. Still there are 6,633,827 active cases of corona virus all over the world. Thousands of cases of corona virus are being reported every hour from all over the world. In Nepal, 32,678 corona virus cases have been reported so far. 

In Butwal, the Covid-19 special Hospital has started an attempt for the treatment of an serious Covid-19 patient by using the technology of Plasma Therapy.

The Plasma Therapy is a medical process that removes a plasma with the antibodies against a virus from the person recovered from the virus and providing it to the second person in order to help the infected one in the fight against the virus. Other numerous countries have also taken this method into consideration as a part of their Covid-19 response.

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital is the first Hospital that has successfully used this method in Nepal for the first time.

The hospital's Covid-19 focal person Dr. Sudarshan Thapa said that, it was the first time that the method had been used in the hospital and if successful, they will be using the same method for other cases as well.


Recently, Dr. Sajan Shrestha who has successfully recovered from the disease has also donated his blood for the treatment of a 70 year old woman.