Nepal gold market transactions resumed !!!

Nepal has been under lockdown for almost 2 and a half months due to the coronavirus breakout. The nationwide lockdown started in Nepal from the 24th of March. 

The government has extended it till the 14th of June. Now, by the time the lockdown ends, Nepal will have been under lockdown for 90 days. 

Various business sector's have been severly affected by the lockdown. However, the government of Nepal has now decide to ease the lockdown and open some of the sector's.

On Sunday, nearly after 2.5 months, Nepal's Gold and Silver market has resumed the transactions. 

The Nepalese Gold and Silver market had been shut sown since March 21, which is three days before the country went on nationwide lockdown for controlling the coronavirus outbreak in Nepal.

The country is still under lockdown. However, the trader's have gradually started to defy the restrictions and move towards their regular lifestyle. 

The Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers' Association and the umbrella organization of the jeweller's of the country have decided to resume the market.

After the opening of the Gold and Silver market after such a long period of time and the market being affected by the lockdown, the prices of both the Jewellery have surged. 

Gold has witnessed a price hike by Rs 10,000 per tola than before. Similarly, The price of silver has hiked by around Rs 200 per tola.