National Census 2078 B.S Questionnaire Prepared !!!

The government has approved the questionnaire to be filled by the general public for the National Census 2078 BS. Along with this, the questionnaire for the census 2078 B.S has now almost been finalized. A national census is being conducted next year.

Now, the census is soon to be started and a lot of details about the people and the lifestyle of the family will be kept in the census data. Before, The National census of Nepal took place in 2068 B.S.

For the national census, the citizen will have to fill in the introductory details under the house and household listing. In Nepal, the census is held every 10 years. It will include the place and address of the house. The details of the house will include the floor, the year the house was built, the purpose of the house used and the number of families living in the house.

Details of the number of people in the family, livestock  and number of animals in the house will also be filled. Additionally, Land used for agricultural purposes, bank account in the name of the person, educational details and details of loans taken from banks and financial institutions will also have to be filled for the census.

Introductory details will have to be filled in the main questionnaire. This statement should also include details of items used in personal life. The National Planning Commission has stated that the questionnaire has been decided to fill the details of even the radio, television and toilets inside the house.

The census will include details of family members who have gone abroad and also the land in the name of women.

In the census, the source of income, the number of members involved in economic activities, and the reasons for not working will have to be mentioned.