NASA will be paying people to isolate themselves!!

As of now, the definite objective of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is to have the astronauts head  to the Mars in the 2030s, however before the undertaking, NASA is going to pay individuals to act like they’re on the way to Mars.

They are looking for 6 individuals ready to isolate themselves for 8 months in Moscow,Russia. They are doing this so as to comprehend the physiological and psychological impacts of isolation and confinement on humans as groundwork for Artemis exploration mission to the Moon and upcoming long duration missions to the Mars.

However, NASA is not looking for just a regular person. NASA has referenced a few requirements of which are, being a U.S citizen aged 30-55, proficient in Russian and English, and a professional education preferably a master’s, doctorate or medical degree, along with completion of a military officer training.

Also, the ones with bachelor degrees and other qualifications are considered as acceptable according to the recent statement by NASA. NASA furthermore said that there could be different levels of pay based on whether the individual is associated wih NASA or is an employee or contractor.

As indicated by NASA, the research will be used to study the effects of isolation as they work to successfully complete their space mission while also helping the agency to plan for conceivable challanges of space exploration and find out solutions for the potential issues.

In 2019, a similar type of study was conducted for 4 months.NASA is planning to return to the moon in 2024 by the means of the Artemis program, however that timeline doesn’t seems as possible because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.