Most popular digital manga in Japan in 2020

Manga is the Japanese word for comics published in Japan. There are many manga that sold throughout the year. There are many manga lovers in Japan. Many manga writer earn good amount and many go on a lost. If the manga reader loved the manga they are going to buy it which is good for the manga writer, editor. But what if the user dislike the manga its completely loss for the manga writer who spend day and night to write and edit manga. So, here are the most popular digital manga in Japan right now.

1. Haikyuu!! (vol. 44)

2. Space brothers (vol. 38)

3. Shuumatsu no harem: world end harem (vol. 32)

4. Domestic na kanjo (vol. 1)

5.  Domestic na kanjo (vol. 2)

6. Domestic na kanjo (vol. 3)

7. Grand blue (vol. 1)

8. Grand blue (vol. 2)

9. Darwith game (vol. 21)