Minecraft studios changes it's name!!!

Mojang, the minecraft developer is now moving into the new decade with at least a slightly revised or a totally new name. As, the company expands it's focus beyond the popular freeform creation game, it has been opening more and more offices around the world. For that reason, it has changed its name to Mojang Studios from Mojang, with an accompanying logo revision to match. It additionally released an accompanying video in order to showcase the changes,

Minecraft recently celebrated its 11th anniversary. The first version of Minecraft was released by Mojang back in May 2009.As of now, Mojang is also celebrating it's massive milestone as it has been able to successfully sale 200 million copies of Minecraft. Additionally, Minecraft has a huge number of active players each month.

In addition to this, the new logo is made up of little gadgets known as "Mojangs". Also, In the trailer they have been turned and twisted around in order to spell out the studio's name. And it sounds like this will not be the last time we will hear about somewhat sentient gizmos, and they are expected to pop up again as we learn about future Mojang Studios projects.

As indicated by the head of creative communications of the Mojang Studios in an announcement post, "They test, tinker and endlessly explore, and help us discover new corners of the Minecraft universe,

And speaking of the new content, the developer has numerous things cooking. Aside from Minecraft and the spinoff game, the Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang Studios is also involved in creating a feature film, by producing a live show and experimenting the new game ideas in the show. Lately, it also released the AR game Minecraft Earth, and has additionally released merch to match. And undoubtedly none of this is stopping its continued work updating Minecraft with absolute new features and content.