Messi Leaving Barcelona?? Messi to stay only after Bartomeu resigns !!

At present, the focus of world football is on Barcelona captain Lionel Messi. After Messi announced his intention to leave Barcelona, ​​the question arose as to what he would do next. Barcelona officials are doing their best to keep Messi at the club.


Fans can't even imagine Barcelona without Messi. At present, various questions and speculations are taking place between the people all over the world. Why Messi wants to leave Barcelona? Which club will he go to now? Will Barcelona release Messi? What are the clubs willing to sign Messi? Which club could pay 700 million euros to Messi? and so on.


The Barcelona players have not been happy due to the growing distance between the players and the coaches, the bitterness between the players and the club management, the misunderstanding in the club on various issues including player buying and selling. 


Messi's recent failure to defend his La Liga title and his embarrassing 8-2 defeat against Bayern in the Champions League has also increased the pressure on Messi.


In this context, Victor Fonse, who is the candidate for the club's president in next year's election, has said that Messi will stay in the club only if the current president of the club, Josep Maria Bartomeu, resigns.


Messi's contract at the club is still one year away.


According to Fonte, Messi will stay in Barcelona only after Bartomeu resigns. He said that If Messi has any choice but to stay at the club, Bartomeu should resign.


The world football world was totally shocked when six-time Ballon d'Or winner Messi sent a letter on Tuesday to the club officials stating that he wanted to leave the club.


As per 33 year old Messi's contract he is free to move to another club after the 2019-20 season. Messi had to announce it by the end of May if he wanted to leave the club. However, Messi has said that he will have to leave the club as the season has been extended due to the corona virus.