Massive wildfire in California !!

The massive wildfire in California has been growing every seconds and more than six people have already been killed and also few people have been reported to be missing, as per the local level authorities.


More than dozens major fires have been scorching across the state after the 11,000 lightning strikes resulted due to the unprecedented storm last week.

The large flames have scorched over more than 5,60,000 acres of land and also forces more than tens of thousands of people to move out from their residents in just past few days. Almost 200 homes have already been destroyed by the fire so far.

There are in excess of 10,000 fire fighter's on the frontline currently but as reported by the officials, their human resource has not been enough as most of the firefighter's also work overtime and there are already few firefighter's available.

As per the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, over 21,000 acres of land has been burned by the Lightning Complex fires, LNU in Napa county of which they have only been able to contain 7% of the total fire.

The private citizens have taken the matters as their own and have been involved in firefighting due to the lack of firefighter's. Residents have formed a renegade fire brigade with the usage of their own hoses and chainsaws in the Napa County for helping their neighbor's to save their house.

The residents believe that they should also be a part of helping hands no matter whose property it is as they live in a community and it is not the first time that the place has been on fire.


However, the residents have been strictly warned by the officials to not take the matter into their own hands and not form their own fire brigades as it is very risky and also could possibly endanger the lives of the people.

The conditions have been worsened for the people stuck in the aftermath of the fire zone, due to power outages and also due to the grueling heat wave and the poor quality of air caused due to the smoke.

On Thursday, The Californian Governor, Gavin Newsom also appeared at the Democratic National Convention and addressed the devastating wildfires happening in the state. As said by Newsom, Climate change is real and anyone in denial about climate change should visit California as the hots are getting hotter and the dries are getting drier.