KP Oli, Not a COMEDIAN------NEPAL to release a new MAP!!

Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli is a 68 year old Nepalese government official and the chairman of Nepal Communist Party. Usually known as K.P Oli, he is the 38th and current Prime Minister of Nepal. Born on Falgun.10th 2008 in Tehrathum, Oli is the youngest child of Mohan Prasad Oli and Madhumaya Oli.

He didn't proceeded with his further education after the completion of School Leaving Certificate (SLC). He began his political career from the earliest point of the Marxist Insurgency. In 1970, he was arested for the first time and was imprisoned for !4 years.After getting out of prison, he got married to Radhika Shakya whom he met in the exercises of the party.

He is also known for his comical inclination and the jokes he splits. Additionally, he gets criticized in various online networking stages for not being responsible towards the nation and it's development.. He is reprimanded and professed to be even more a Comedian than a Politician.

However, he has been making praisable progresses recently and is being majorly highlighted.Despite, being involved in a lot of ongoing controversies, people seem to be supporting him more recently.


As of now, he is the director of Nepal's greatest and most powerful political party.He has taken stands on Indian impact on Nepal's Internal undertakings and had likewise carefully cautioned India to not meddle in the internal affairs of Nepal as it did after the amendment of Constitution of Nepal 2072

Since, the unannounced economic blockade by India beginning from 23 September 2015, directly after the disastrous earthquake of Nepal, that severely influenced Nepalese individuals and the Nepalese economy, the relations of Nepal and India has been under tension. KP Oli Stood against the blockade and created strategic relations with China demonstrating that India isn't the only nation that can support Nepal.

Since Oli has been the PM of Nepal, the impact of India over Nepal has nearly reached a conclusion.Before, India was viewed as an only strategic partner of nepal, yet the visit of Xi Jing Ping, the Chinese President to Nepal and concurrences on 20 unique issues and Ping himself referencing Nepal and China as Strategic accomplices has indicated the ties between the two nations.

Indeed, even on the progressing border issue of Nepal and India, both asserting Lipulekh to be a piece of their territory, KP oli has reported that not an inch of Nepali Land can be enroached by India and the Government of Nepal has authoritatively declared to release a new map of Nepal including Lipulekh in it's territory.


Ater Oli being the PM of Nepal, Nepal has now been creating political relation s with another neighboring nation China and being less subject to India.The strain between the two nations is by all accounts increasing.Finally, The impedance of India over Nepal and its undertakings occurring from long time back seems to be reaching to an end by Oli's actions.