Indian IITians developed an app to ease air travelling contactlessly !!!

A group of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati students have been successful in developing a contact less mobile application keeping the social distancing norms in mind. This app is believed to ease air travelling for passengers during the pandemic caused due to Covid-19.

This application has been created by 'Flyzy' and they claim it to be India's first dedicated aviation modern technology solution. This will enable safe and contact less air travel  for passengers, airlines and airports with a personalized experience.

The CEO and co-founder of Flyzy and a student of IIT, Guwahati said that Flyzy, which has been developed by following the International Air Transport Association guidelines is the first mobile based, contact less aviation software technology in India. 

This application will not only strengthen the aviation industry to be future ready and fight diseases but it is also completely safe and has no threat to cyber security.

This application will include 4 main features enabling the travellers in knowing the passenger process, airport parking, shopping, and baggage drop. The developers are on the talks with the authorities in order to operationalize the application.

This application will undoubtedly help to maintain social distancing, that too without slowing down the process. This will also contribute to reduction in the virus spread and motivate people to fly again.

As said by the CEO, Aviation being the most important sectors in India, it is their responsibility as an IITian to make India delf reliant in the sector. Another IIT student, Arjit Singh said that it will help the aviation industry to save a lot of money as it will help the process to be automated and faster.

More than 58,000 passenger's flew in India in a week after India resumed limited domestic air travel after two months of shut down.

Flyzy has been recognized by Startup India and NITI Aayog for it's fight against the COVID-19.