How to look better on Video calls ??

Because of the current situation of Pandemic and the world under lockdown, You must be using video calls for professional or personal interactions which doesn’t seems to be changing anytime soon. It is important for you to look your best on video calls same as an in person meeting. Here are some of the things to follow in order to look good on video calls,


Find Better Lighting

You must have seen the amazing photographs of celebrities, it is not the camera that makes them look better, it is lighting, You can pick a spot with good lighting for video calls at your home. You should also avoid overhead lighting and backlighting . You can rather look for a spot with frontlighting, for which the easiest place to be is in front of a big window.


Raise Your Camera

The best angle is not looking up from below the chin, however that's where your laptop’s webcam is. Your webcam should be at eye level for you to look your best. You can either invest in a stand or stack books underneath the Laptop. And if you are using your smartphone, You can prop it using a tripod or anything else.


Dim Your Screen and Look at the Camera

People get suspicious of other people that fail to maintain eye contact and repeatedly look away. However,it is difficult to maintain eye contact on video calls because of the way they are set up. If you make eye contact with the person next to you on video calls then the person sees you looking down. So, you will not be able to do so, if you’re presenting or talking a lot. So, the best thing to do look is looking directly at your webcam. Unless you can properly see everyone, you should dim your screen.


Test Your Internet Connection

You will need a fast and stable connection for video calls. If all your Wi-Fi can send is a pixelated splodge, it doesn’t really matter how good you look. You can check your internet speed and if you have a internet speed of less than 3.0 Mbps, then you won't be able to send high quality video.


Use Your Best Camera

Compared to the modern smartphones, the webcam on you laptop is not of very good quality. The 12 mp camera on a android phone is far better than the 720p FaceTime camera on a brand new MacBook pro. So using your phones for video calls not just makes you look better but also makes your computer free for use if required.