HariBansha Acharya's new video gone viral !!!

After almost all of us locked inside our homes for more than 70 days because of the pandemic resulted lockdown, the legendary comedian Haribansha Acharya, assuming that we have forgotten how to put on our coats, pants and shirts has recently uploaded a video showing us how to do so.

Posted on the 5th of June, Acharya teaches how to put on coats, pants and shirts in the video uploaded on his Facebook.

HariBansha Acharya is known for his funniest expressions and comic actings.

In the video, we can hear him saying that, we have been wearing trousers and t-shirts at home as we have not felt any need to get well dressed, we must've possibly forgotten to wear them, so i am going to teach you how to do so.

In the funny yet informative video of Acharya, he teaches step by step on how to dress for the outside world after the end of the lockdown. Starting from a pair of pants and ending with socks and shoes, he teaches us all.

Aditionally, he has posted a message with the video that says, you might find it beneficial as the lockdown will possibly loosen up in a few days. He also left a message mentioning the necessary steps to be followed after the lockdown gets loosened. He has warned to maintain social distancing and not to forget wearing masks even while getting out of home.

HariBansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha make a hillarious and much love MaHa Jodi, with no hater's and also very famous for their satirical social messages and comic acts.

Few weeks ago, Madan Krishna Shrestha had also posted a dance video on TikTok that has entertained a 'lot of people and the video had similarly gone viral as HariBansha Acharya's.