Hand washing app, by Samsung !!!

The world is being affected by the global pandemic and everyone is under the fear of catching the virus.

As warned by WHO and other health institutions and scientists and researchers, you must be possibly washing your hands more than ever before. However, if you need the assurance of technology in order to make sure that you're doing it right, Samsung has developed an app for you.

This app is designed by Samsung for it's wide range of the wearable gears and watches. The app developed by Samsung, the Hand wash app, is the app that reminds the users to wash their hands throughout the day at regular intervals. The company is cited by the study of University College London, that claims 6 to 10 times a day is optimum with additionals after toilet visits and before eating.

The alarm rings every two hours, or the time modified for your fit, and once you get to the sink, swiping the device will activate a 25 second timer, 5 seconds for applying the soap and 20 foe scrubbing.

You will not be required to take your device off as every Galaxy watches are waterproof. It additionally comes with a bunch of data and some tracking functions too, that will help you to review your daily hand washing activity and get an weekly average.

Washing hands are the basic everyday activity, however it can have a significant impact on health.

Samsung's app might seem a bit pointless, however it has the ability to help form a positive habit, which is the most important thing compared to others right now.