Google tracking Private Mode, gets sued, $5 billion lawsuit !!!

The representative action wants at least $5 billion from Google and the owner Alphabet. Many internet users have been assuming that there will not be any track records of what they view in the private mode, however, as said by Google, this isn't the case.

Google denies that tracking down the records are illegal and says it is upfront about the data it collects in the private mode browsing.

According to a law firm, that filed a claim in the federal court in San Jose, California on Tuesday, The proposed class action possibly includes, millions of the search engine users who started browsing in the private mode since July 1, 2016.

The users get a choice of browsing on the internet without their activity being saved to their device or the browser by using the Incognito mode. However, the visited websites are able to use the tools such as Google Analytics for track usage.

The complaint filed says that Google cannot continue to being engaged in collecting unauthorized data from every one with a phone or computer virtually.

A  spokesman for google has said that, whenever we open the incognito tab, websites can possibly collect the information about our browsing activity.

Google says that the collection of the search history fro the private viewing mode will help the site owners in the better evaluation of the performances of their content, products, marketing and more.

Every people are now being more aware and more concerned about the interception of their personal communications. People are not happy about the collection, recording and exploitation for gains by the technological companies that they have to depend up on.