'Google Meet' to compete Zoom, WhatsApp, and messenger room !!!

Video conferencing solutions have now been a important part of everyday life, as Millions of people are working and taking classes from home.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, millions of individuals work or take classes from home. Video conferencing have been a solution for different academic and professional people, it has now became an increasingly important part of everyday life. 

Video conferencing solutions like Zoom has witnessed their share prices sky rocket as people turn to the app to keep in touch or other purposes. 

 Facebook and Google are racing for their messaging apps to fit to the increased demands for video calls. 

Recently, Facebook owned WhatsApp has doubled the maximum limit for their video calls. 

Facebook also introduced an entirely new service, namely Messenger rooms, allowing up to 50 people from Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger for video calling one another. 

Also, Google has decided to open up a new service, Google meet service which will entirely be free for everyone. 

The Google meet service was previously reserved for the only ones with business or education accounts with Google. 

This service lets you host up to 100 people at a time. That's a lot of relatives at a time in a single call. Zoom limits the free accounts to host a call of only 40 minutes at a time. 

To talk for a longer period of time, you will either have to pay for a subscription or start new call with the same people.

However, No time limit will will be enforced by Google meet for the time being. 

The free option by google meet will be limited to 60 minutes, which is still more better than the 40 minute time period by Zoom, after the time will be enforced from September 30, 2020.