Free electricity for 8,00,000 Nepalese !!!

Unveiling the Federal budget for the fiscal year 2020-21, Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada, said that the government will be providing free electricity to the households that consume less than 10 units of electricity.

As said by the Ministry of Energy, Water resources and irrigation, among the total of 4.1 million household consumers, only 8,00,000 household consumers use fewer than 10 units of electricity per month.

Barshaman Pun, the Minister of Energy, Water Resources and irrigation, said that this arrangement, made by the government is aiming to provide relief to the poor people. Till date, the electricity lines were being cut off by the NEA for the consumer's that were unable to pay for electricity. Poor people will be getting benefits from this arrangement. The program of providing free electricity to the people consuming less than 10 units was introduced in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year in order to provide them with relief.

As stated by Mahabir Pun, The new arrangements will be under implementation by the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 16.  Also, 25% exemption will be provided to the household consumers affected since the beginning of the lockdown. The ministry has also stated that, till the lockdown continues, the household consumers will be able to enjoy the exemption.

Likewise, exemption on demand charge will be provided for the electricity used for irrigation purposes. Farmers with land more than two bighas of land will get exemptions on individual basis and the farmers with less than two bighas of land will get exemptions on collective basis. About 1,40,00 Farmer's fall under this category from whom a basic electricity fee amounting to a total of Rs 25 million will be exempted. This plan of the government will somehow definitely encourage the people to use less electricity and also help the poor people and the Farmer's.