Flights from Iran to Iraq resumed !!

After the surge in corona virus cases all over the world, different countries have made the flight rules more strict and also closed their airports except for the emergency services. Certain rules have been made mandatory and different new protocols have been in implementation. 

Nepal had also closed the airports and cancelled all the domestic and international flights except for the essential services for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus since the begginning of the nationwide lockdown.

Similarly, Iran had also cancelled the flights to Iraq and other countries. However, the flights from Iran to Iraq have been resumed from yesterday. After a temporary suspension of the flights amid the coronavirus pandemic, the flight to Iraqi city, Basrah from Iran has been resumed from yesterday.

However, there are some mandatory rules for the travelers that they should strictly follow. The travelers should wear masks, follow the health protocols as per the flight authorities during their flight interval and it is also important for them to carry a health certificate with a negative coronavirus PCR test result.

Though, there has been a suspension on the issuance of visas on arrival for the tourists, certain people will be allowed to travel the country including, the Iraqis with Iranian spouses and children, Iraqis residing in Iran and also the people seeking for medical treatment in Iran. Also, students and businessmen will be allowed to travel to the country.

Travel restrictions had been imposed in many countries including the Islamic Republic, over the past few months in order to contain the spread of the novel corona virus. Incoming and outgoing flights have been suspended in this line and all the road travels except the essential ones have also strictly been restricted.

The Pandemic has caused loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the civil aviation sector of Iran due to the cancellation of all the domestic and international flights in late March, at the time of the busy New Year travel season.

Experts believe that Iran will successfully achieve a boost in the tourism sector after the containment of the corona virus. The impact is believed to be a temporary and short lived impact for the country that in 2019 has been ranked as the third fastest growing tourism destination.

As per the latest data of the country, more than eight million tourists have visited the Islamic Republic in the first ten months of the past Iranian calendar year beginning from the 21st of March, 2019.