Five Things you can do at Lombok


While pretending to visit Indonesia everyone loves to visit Bali. Bali has become a huge trend but here’s some other Indonesian destination we have for you other than Bali. Lombok is just a minuscule ride away from Bali which is an interesting destination to visit.
Here are the five things you can do at Lombok

Visit of Pearl Farm



Lombok is famous for pearl farming, this is one of the unique things you will get to explore here. This is one of the most unique types of farming in the world and is totally rare. You should visit this.

Mount Rinjani

One of the most beautiful trek mountains in the world, Mount Rinjani is one of the trademark attractions of Lombok. It is interesting to know that millions of people visit here every year.


Gili Trawangan Party


The most interesting thing about this Gili island is there are no roads. The only way to get to this party is on old fashioned horse and cart or cycle. Walking is a primitive option though. Gili Trawangan Party offers you a bunch of entertainment. So, when you plan to visit Lombok, you should prefer this too.

Air Kalak hot springs


If you plan a trek to Rinjani, I’d recommend you to visit this too either. This is one of the cardinal attractions of that area which makes you enjoy the natural beauty.
Kalak hot spring is on the path of the Rinjani Trek and is pure natural beauty. You’d love to watch the view once you visit there.

Kuta Lombok


Don’t get confused with the Kuta in Bali. The Kuta here is different than that of Bali. The sunset here at Kuta is an eye-catching scenario.
Pack up your bags because this is a once in a lifetime destination. With cheap hotel prices, Lombok is a famous place to enjoy the vacation just shadowed by Bali.