Five smuggler's killed in Indo-Pakistan Border !!!

Nowadays, smuggling of different illegal materials including guns, drugs any many more have been a major problem in different parts of the world.

With the advancement of science and technology smuggler's have become very smart and usage of those advancements in the smuggling procedures makes it more difficult for the security forces to analyze and punish the smuggler's for their deeds.

Similarly, the security forces have also been well trained and well equipped for the identification of the smuggler's and have been successful most of the times. 

Likewise, on Saturday the Indian Security forces have also been successful in identifying the smuggler's and have shot five men dead across the border who have been identified to be the smuggler's that were trying to smuggle heroin across the border from Pakistan to India.

The smuggler's were trying to smuggle Heroin, famous as a highly addictive analgesic drug made out of morphine, which is illicitly used as a narcotic which helps in producing euphoria when used.

As per the spokesman for Border Security Force, BSF, the five men were killed in the shoot out at early morning when they opened fire at the Border Security Force's paramilitaries nearby the frontier fence in the Punjab state's Tarn Taran district.

Almost 10 kgs of Heroin, 4 pistols, and an AK-47 rifle along with ammunition magazines have been successfully recovered from the smuggler's as told by an AFP representative.

As per the officials, that quantity of heroin would have the street value of almost one and a half million US dollars in the western markets.

The state of Punjab, is considered to be one of the major route for the transit of drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan to India.

Though, India has a high security fence in most of the border roughly a 3350 km frontier, however the large tracts in the mountainous border in the disputed area of Kashmir still remains unfenced.

As per the Indian officials forces of Pakistan, on Saturday bombed several villages on the Indian side of the disputed region which led to huge damages in several properties of the people.