Federal Government to Provide 2 crores to each state for purchase of ICU's and Ventilator's !!!

The federal government of Nepal has disbursed Rs 2 crore to each state for the purchase of 4 ventilators and 10 ICUs. 


Dr. Roshan Pokharel, the chief of the Ministry of Health informed that, in a virtual meeting of the Education and Health Committee of the House of Representatives held on Tuesday, the amount for the purchase of ICU and ventilator for each state has already been disbursed.


Chief expert Pokharel said that the government has also deployed MD and MS doctors to the districts with high risks of corona virus infection. Additionally, he said that 23 health workers have been sent to Province no. 2 alone.


Pokharel informed that the government is preparing for 40,000 to 50,000 swab tests in Kathmandu Valley alone through contact tracing within a period of 1 week.


However, MP Ekwal Mia, in the meeting said that the number of manpower sent by the government would be very low in State 2 as a manpower of 200 to 500 people was needed in the State, where only 23 health worker's are being sent.


The Chief at the Ministry of Health, said that 1,075 teams across the country have been deployed for contact tracing of corona virus infected people.


He said that the government, would keep the infected ones in home isolation under the supervision of local level health workers if possible. And for the people with no possibility of getting isolated at home, they will be kept it government constructed isolation wards.


However, the people showing symptoms will be kept in the hospitals to ensure that the virus won't be spread. Health supplies are also regularly being sent to the covid-19 affected areas.


This is a good step taken by the government as it would help the state government in the fight against the disease. However, if the virus gets out of control and spreads at community level, then the number of ventilator's and ICU's would certainly not be enough.