Fake Corona Virus Statistics, Pakistan ??!!

Problems such as poor health care, dense settlements and poor families forced to live in one place were the challenges for Pakistan to fight the corona virus.


By June, there were reports of hospital bed shortages in Pakistan, ICUs were being filled, and patients' families were wandering around looking for beds.


But In August, Pakistan's corona graph began to improve. As of Saturday, 295,372 people have been infected with the corona virus in Pakistan. According to Pakistan's official website, 280,340 have been cured and the death toll from the corona virus has risen to 6,284 so far.


On the other hand, corona virus infections are rising in India. As of Saturday, 3,468,272 people have been infected with the corona virus of which the number of actively infected ones is almost 8 lakhs. The death toll has also exceeded to 62,750.


Based on these statistics, Pakistan seems to be in a better position in South Asia than India in controlling the corona epidemic. But, are the statistics true? OR, Just an illusion!!


The number of corona virus tests in Pakistan is very low and instead of increasing the tests, there has been an decrement in the number of tests every day. This is the reason behind the declining number of new corona virus in Pakistan.


The number of infected people coming to the hospital for treatment is also decreasing. In Pakistan, a maximum of 30,000 tests were performed daily. However, from the last week of June, this number began to decline. At present, people without symptoms are not being tested in Pakistan.


An average of eight people tested in Pakistan have been found to be infected. Only 2 million tests have been done in Pakistan so far, While 37.6 million tests have been done in India so far. This is the main reason why the corona graph seems to be under control in Pakistan.