Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has recently added a practical feature aimed to protect the users from dangerous profiles. In case of exchanges with potentially malicious people, alert warning will be received.

People chat too often online with people they think they know, but they turn out to be scammers. Those fake accounts are difficult to identify as well as the consequences can turn out to be expensive.

The new feature welcomed by Facebook Messenger targets two types of people. The first being, scammers that identify their victims through the social network and secondly, the perverted ones that seek their prey on Facebook Messenger, amongst which are vulnerable children's.

You might be wondering that how does Messenger intend to identify dangerous people? You must be worrying about your privacy. However, Facebook has ensured that it's new tools will preserve the confidentiality of the messages, especially since they intend to activate end to end encryption by default that is already available with the option of secret conversations.

They are investing in tools like this , to prepare for end to end encryption. This tool will be able to protect peoples privacy without reading messages. Furthermore, this feature will also help millions of people to possibly avoid dangerous scams and interactions , that too without compromising their privacy.

For the accomplishment of this, Facebook is using a system of metadata analysis and behavioural  models that is based on Machine learning and artificial intelligence. For instance: identification of questionable profiles based on mass messages or invitations. 

This function is already available on the Facebook Messenger's Android version since March and is soon arriving on iOS.

Facebook has additionally announced the global rollout of Messenger rooms functionality. It's special feature is that it allows to make video calls of up to 50 people.  Individuals on Facebook can create the chat rooms and share it's link with specific individuals. They can share it via private message or Public publication.

Messenger rooms have other additional features. Facebook account is not necessarily required to join a conversation. All you need to do is open the link from a web browser. Other features includes filters, themes or 360° backgrounds.

Regarding privacy, Facebook has ensured that neither the audio nor the videos of the messenger Rooms will be used for the advertising purposes. However, the end to end encryption is not available currently.