Elon Musk's SpaceX to Launch Two Astronauts Into Space!!

In the beginning, everyone was doubtful about SpaceX launching astronauts into the Space. However, Elon Musk defied expectations and is hoping to make history by launching two NASA astronauts into space, the first crewed flight from US soil in nine long years on Wednesday 

To witness the launch, US President Donald Trump will  also be there at Kennedy Space Center in Florida among other spectators. In spite of the months of shutdowns due to the corona virus pandemic, the launch has finally been given the green light .

The general public are requested to watch the Crew Dragon Launch by a Falcon 9 rocket towards the international space station via a live stream because of the corona virus pandemic.

The NASA's Commercial Crew program which aims at developing a private spacecraft to transport American astronauts in to the space had begun under Barack Obama.

More than US $3 billion in contracts has been awarded to SpaceX by NASA since 2011 for building the spacecraft. On Wednesday, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is set to take off from Launch Pad 39A at 4:33 pm with the Crew Dragon capsule at its top. The capsule will be crewed by both veteran space travelers Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. Hurley is the same space traveller that piloted Atlantis on its last trip.

After 19 hours, they will dock at the international space station, where two Russians and an American will be waiting for them.
With a 60 percent chance of bad conditions, the weather forecast according to Cape Canaveral forecasters remains unfavorable.

The launch has taken five years longer than it was planned to come about, but even with the delays SpaceX has been successful in beating Boeing to the punch.

Moreover, Musk is aiming higher and is engaged in building a huge rocket, "Starship" in order to circumnavigate the Moon or even possibly travel to Mars and ultimately make humans "multi planet species".