Earth's South and North Poles to switch places??

Recently, scientists have reported that the satellites and space crafts are facing issues as the magnetic field of the earth between Africa and South America is weakening.

However, the reasons have not yet been clear but the scientists that studied this phenomenon have witnessed that an area known as South Atlantic Anomaly has rapidly grown in the recent years.

Researchers using the data assembled by the European Space Agency’s Swarm Constellation of satellites, have noticed that the area of the South Atlantic Anomaly has dropped by more than of 8 percent in strength between the year 1970 and 2020.

As indicated by the European Space Agency, the weakening field is possibly a sign that the magnetic field of the earth is about to reverse, which implies the North and the South pole might be switching places.

Typically, geomagnetic reverse takes place every 2,50,000 years. A few scientists claim that the nest one is long overdue as the last time a geomagnetic reversal took place was 7,80,000 years back.

However, the repercussions of such an occasion could undoubtedly be significant as the magnetic field of the earth has a major role in protecting the planet from solar winds and harmful cosmic radiations.

Additionally, the telecommunication as well as the satellite systems also rely on the magnetic fiels of the earth so as to operate. Along these lines, the weakening magnetic field could likewise create difficulties to computers and mobile phones.

The ESA has also cautioned that the South Atlantic Anomaly is already causing issues with the satellites orbiting the planet and the spacecrafts that are flying in the area could possibly experience technical malfunctions.

ESA will be proceeding to monitor the weakening magnetic field with the assistance of it’s constellation of Swarm Satellites.

The mystery of the source of the South Atlantic Anomaly’s still can't seem to be fathomed. However, interestingly, the magnetic field observations from Swarm are giving energizing new bits of knowledge into the hardly known Interior of the Earth.