Death of Elisa Lam , A mystery

There are uncountable Mysteries in the history of mankind. Human's current capability of thinking probably ain't enough to solve them all. One of the most recent mysteries includes the death of Elisa lam in Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on the 19th of February 2013. She was reported missing from the beginning of the month. Her body was recovered from a water tank at the top of that hotel.


So you might be thinking what's new here? Well, let's travel through the dark mystery of this incident. Lam's parents were immigrants from Hongkong who used to run a restaurant. On January 26, 2013, she arrived at the Cecil Hotel and was assigned to share the room on the hotel's fifth floor. Her roommate complained about her uncertain behavior and was forced to move on a room of her own in just two days.



Lam used to contact her parents every day since she started the trip but on the 31st of January they weren't contacted by their daughter and they complained it to LAPD(Los Angeles Police Department). Then they flew to Los Angeles to help the ongoing search. The police Department realized it was impossible until they uploaded the mysterious elevator footage of Elisa Lam doing some unconventional things which drew worldwide attention.


During the investigation, the guests complained of uncertain water pressure with unpleasant smell in it and black coloration. On the 19th of February, her body was found in one of the four water tanks which are used to serve water for guests.


The investigation determined how Lam died but there was no idea how she got into the rooftop where there was access for guests and was only available for staff those who have the passcode to get in there. Illegal attempt to get into there would've triggered an alarm.

Her behavior on the elevator was also quite mysterious whose video is available on the internet. You can see in the video that there was no-one in the door of the elevator but still the door is open. Some theories suggest that this is a murder with the involvement of some hotel staff.



Alright if anyhow she got into the rooftop how can she get into the 3,785 L tank whose sheath was impossible to open by the involvement of only one human.


The death of lam has become one of the biggest controversies in the world. A  book with the title  "Gone at Midnight" was also published regarding this incident on the 25th of February 2020 by author "Jake Anderson".Investigate this theory clearly and comment on your theory.