Counting of 60,000 trees completed for the construction of Nijgadh Airport !!!

The counting of the trees has now moved forward for the construction of Nijgadh Airport. The construction project of this airport is considered to be a project of national pride. According to the Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Yogesh Bhattarai, 60,000 trees have already been counted so far.


The cutting process of the Tree has yet not been able to move forward as the government has not been able to properly coordinate with the respective ones for the construction of the airport. A large Number of Trees will have to be cut down for the continuation of the construction process of Nijgadh Airport.


After the completion of the construction process, this Airport will be one of the largest airports in the world.


The settlements within the area surrounded by the airport will also have to be relocated, which is why Minister Bhattarai said that he could not do as much as he thought he would in the last fiscal year 2076/77. He additionally, said that the work of other national pride projects besides the project of Nijgadh Airport is progressing satisfactorily.


He has informed that the construction of Pokhara airport will be completed within the date fixed before i.e. June 30. However, the construction of Bhairahawa airport might be delayed as the construction works are being affected due to the shortage of manpower.


The worker's have been heavily affected due to the widespread corona virus and also due to lockdown and prohibitory order's issued in different districts. This as well as other projects of the government are expected to be affected or delayed due to the spread of the virus.


As per Bhattarai, the construction work will be completed within three months after the arrival of the worker's. The technical work of the airport is also still pending.