Corona virus dead bodies to be managed at Devghat !!!

A new place for the management of the corona virus deceased people has been introduced in Chitwan. The forest area along the Narayani River in Bageshwori area of ​​Bharatpur Metropolitan City 1 under the Devghatdham area has been made a site for the management of people dead due to corona virus.


Dhiran Babu Ghimire, the executive director of the Development Committee of the Devghat Area, has said that the forest far from human settlements has been selected as the infected's management site.


He additionally said that they will set up boards in the forests so that the people don't enter the infected areas and the dead bodies management site. The Army of Nepal has been involved in the management of the infected dead bodies in the area.  


12 infected peoples' body has been managed the same area. These 12 people died in different hospitals across Chitwan. The infected people are being safely and seperately managed in Devghat as said by the member of Devghat Area Development Committee, Nawaraj Dhakal. He additionally said that the committee is making the necessary facilitation's for the prevention of any kinds of problems during the management.


The director at Devghatdham has said that the number of dead bodies coming to Devghat is less compared to the previous years. 5 to 6 bodies in an average are brought to Devghat these days, which was about 8-10 bodies in the previous years. There has been a decrease in the number of dead bodies arriving Devghat Dham.


The Area Development Committee has requested that not more than 25 people should stay at the place of burial during the period of burial. The committee has also requested the relatives of the deceased ones for not going  to other areas of Devghat excluding the body management sites and to return directly after the burial. Bodies from Tanahu, Chitwan, Rupandehi, ​​Dhading, Nawa Laparasi, Hetauda and other districts are brought to Devghat Dham for funeral.