CAN invites applicants for 10 posts including head coach !!!!

The lockdown caused due to the corona virus pandemic has made many people jobless. It has already been more than 6 months of lockdown and majority of the population are at home and are also homeless.  People have either been fired or they have left their jobs due to the corona virus pandemic fear. 


Following this, The Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) has invited applications for 10 posts. These posts also includes the  head coach of the national cricket team. At present, the post of Nepal's head coach is vacant. Therefore, CAN has asked to apply for the post of head coach. CAN invited applications by making the information public on Thursday.


Likewise, CAN has also released information about vacancies for cricket managers, chief finance officers and general managers. Apart from this, CAN has also requested applications for the appointment of local trainers in seven states.


It is mandatory to have ECB and CA Level 3 cricket coaching qualification for the position of the head coach. Additionally, he/she should be a full member of the ICC and must have trained for at least 3 years as a first class team associate member. There are also other few criteria that the applicants should be able to fit in.


Applicants for each post will be able to apply to CAN by September 23. They should submit their applications along with their bio data and also letter of their choice to get selected for the post.


In the first week of July, a executive meeting of the CAN was held. In the meeting, CAN had decided to publish the information about the vacancy within a week. CAN had decided to publish the information for various positions in coordination with the ICC.


CAN was on discussions with the ICC for a few days due to which the information was not made public at the expected time which resulted to delay in releasing the information.